Stylish bartender online course

About the author of the course

Akim Dagdzhyiev

  • International bartender & coach
  • Trained more than 2400 bartenders from all over the world
  • Worked in the best bars in England, Finland, Ukraine, Turkey, UAE
  • 5 times national champion of Ukraine
  • Champion of Roadhouse World Challenge 2015 London, UK

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1. What language will the course be in?
The course is recorded in basic English and all the videos are recorded in 4x slow motion. You will understand everything even without high level of English.
2. Where can I watch the course?
You can study and be inspired anytime and anywhere including your smartphone, personal computer, or tablet.
3. How long will video lessons be available?
The access to the videos depends on your tariff - 2 weeks, 1 year & forever.
4. Will there be any mentorship?
General mentorship is available in the BASIC and PREMIUM plans, Akimba's personal supervision is provided only in the VIP tariff.
5. Why can't I buy VIP tariff right away?
The VIP plan is not available to everyone. To receive Akimba's face-to-face mentorship, you must pass a test and take an interview. Only after that you receive a detailed positive or negative answer.
6. Will I get a certificate?
Yes, by the end of the course you will receive a certificate.
7. How can I pay for the course?
You can pay via PayPal or by VISA and MasterCard cards.
8. What happens if I apply for a waiting list?
After applying for a waiting list, you will be informed as a matter of priority about the opening of the next registration and special offers.
9. Can I upgrade my tariff if I want to continue with BASIC, PREMIUM or VIP?
Yes, you can upgrade any tariff starting from LITE, BASIC or PREMIUM taking into account the money you paid. We will have a special offer for you at the end of each tariff.

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